Farewelling my twenties

Oh how life just passes you by! One minute you’re playing ‘mum’ with dolls and teddies and the next you have your own beautiful bubba wailing at you to feed them immediately.

I say this as today marks the last day of my twenties. If you asked my 10-year-old self, she would tell you that she will be married at 26, have a baby at 28 and live happily ever after by 30. There were no further plans for after 30 as that was just ‘old’, and you didn’t do anything when you’re old… *rolls eyes*.

I feel quite melancholy about leaving my twenties, not just because it is storming outside and I’m trying to get the courage to battle through and make it to my Mothers’ Group, but also because so many amazing milestones were reached during this time:

  • I bumbled my way through a career in journalism, eventually becoming a managing editor at 28. I feel this was part hard work and part being in the right place at the right time…
  • I met my gorgeous husband and our relationship grew organically over the years, knowing there was no rush to settle down (or even move out!).
  • Eight years later we were married and honeymooned in Vietnam. Although we had terrible food poisoning for the whole two weeks and were ripped off by a cyclo driver that we left at the edge of the Mekong River, it was such an amazing bonding experience 😉
  • And, most recently, we welcomed our beautiful, cheeky daughter. This life-changing addition to the family beautifully marks the end of this amazing decade of my life and the beginning of a whole new one.

I have loved every minute of my twenties and I can’t wait to discover what the next decade has in store for me. I’m sure it will be even more amazing than the last.



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