Time to tidy up

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a lounge lizard when it comes to cleaning my home. I absolutely HATE cleaning! After more than five years living away from the parentals, adopting two dirty animals and sharing my space with a busy working man and a little drooler, I am yet to develop the urge to get started. I need help badly… before the dust mites decide to move in permanently.

Enter the amazing Kat from The Organised Housewife. She is my antithesis and definitely has her shit together – big time. I have followed her blog for quite some time, enjoying her cleaning tips and Pinterest worthy storage ideas, but made no attempt to clean up my life… until today.

I am uber proud to say I’ve joined her 20 day challenge and have actually started!

My kitchen is now sparkling and, while the smell of white vinegar is still lingering in the air, I am really enjoying my cuppa knowing I now don’t have to go in and sift through baby bottles, old mail and dirty dishes – well at least until my husband gets home 😉

How have you been able to keep up with the cleaning around your home?



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