The pram predicament

Is it just me or is the world not made for bumbling new mums with prams? It seems I’m unable to go anywhere on my own while carting bubs for fear of a full bladder or a flight of stairs. Gah the dreaded stairs!

I’m already a clumsy mess as it is, so these uber heavy strollers, with added weight of sleeping baby and bloated nappy bag full of “essentials” not forgetting the “just in case” items, are almost impossible to manoeuvre without acquiring much needed mummy muscles.

Today I sat down to enjoy a hot drink thinking I had plenty of time to read a book as my beautiful angel was sleeping (finally!), when I suddenly realised I needed to go to the bathroom (a small bladder along with recent birth doesn’t make things easy…). After struggling up an inconvenient skinny flight of stairs while painfully manoeuvring the pram through the door (without getting the wheels or me stuck between said pram and door), I realised that the bathroom doesn’t even have a large stall to fit both the pram and I.

So I had a choice: to either risk peeing my pants (which was highly likely at that point!) or risk someone stealing my precious baby, along with giant annoying pram while I raced into the stall…

I, of course, chose option number two (peeing myself in public isn’t exactly on my bucket list) and my baby was safely snoozing without a care in the world, but I can’t help but wonder, am I the only one that faces these kind of problems? Right? RIGHT?


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